Procast Guss



One-stop shop for cast components and machining - added customer benefit.

The manufacture of high-specification parts ideally requires precise consultation between the foundry and machining shop. If casting and machining are sourced from different suppliers, it is essential to ensure that there is close consultation between these two suppliers in the interests of smooth processes and optimum product quality.

The amount of time spent coordinating these processes is considerably reduced if one and the same supplier is manufacturing the unfinished castings and machining the parts and the customer can source the finished castings directly. The logistics are also greatly simplified for the customer.

Jobbing foundry Procast Guss GmbH can supply its customers with castings finished in its own production facilities. The company oversaw the completion of a 1000 m² hall in March 2009 for the machining of castings. The company has purchased two Hüller Hille NBH 630 horizontal machining centers as a starter kit for machining jobs. Plans are already on the table for a further expansion in machining capacity.

examples of products

sorted by market segment

Hydraulic carrier plate

material: EN-GJL-200
11 - 49 kg

Hydraulic control housing

material: EN-GJL-300 und EN-GJL-250
4,5 – 35,4 kg

Valve block

material: EN-GJL-300
48 kg


material: special material
6,3 kg

Fan holder

material: EN-GJS-400-15
14,3 kg

Axle bracket

material: EN-GJS-400-15
2,8 kg

Excavator axle

material: EN-GJL-250
37,7 kg

Differential housing

material: EN-GJS-400-15
2,6 kg

trailer hitch

material: EN-GJS-600-3
2,8 kg

Gear wheel ADI

material: EN-GJS-400-15
3,2 kg

Brake caliper for wind power plant

material: EN-GJL-250
7,6 kg

Vibrator upper part

material: EN-GJS-500-7
33,5 kg

Cooled stator carrier for e-mobility

material: EN-GJS-500-7 und
8,1 - 111 kg

Support for drive

material: EN-GJS-400-15
10,4 kg

Gearbox housing

material: EN-GJS-600-3
11,6 kg und 10,9 kg

Turbcharger for large machines

Werkstoff: EN-GJS-400-15
48,1 kg

Manifold from SiMo

Werkstoff: SiMo 5-1
82 kg

Main bearing cap for connecting rod bearing

Werkstoff: EN-GJS-700-2
18,5 kg

Yarn guide drum

Werkstoff: EN-GJS-400-15
5,9 kg

Industrial sewing machine

Werkstoff: EN-GJS-600-3
8,3 kg

Handlebars for plough

Werkstoff: EN-GJL-200
29,9 kg